Contracts of Employment

It is important that your staff contracts contain the right contractual terms to protect your organisation’s interests.

It is also important that your contracts are compliant with the minimum statement of terms that must be provided to each member of staff within 2 months of commencement.

Policies are also vital to supplement your contractual terms and conditions. By way of example, the most well run companies will additionally have policies in place that will dictate how the staff should behave when using social media, how to pursue a complaint relating to whistle blowing and to whom they should submit any requests relating to flexible working.

Employers also need to ensure their contracts and polices are kept up to date. From the initial drafting to updating your existing contracts and polices, we can provide practical cost-effective advice and drafting support. We offer a free health check of your contracts and policies.

To find out more about how we can help your business put these documents in place please contact is for a free 30 minute consultation.