Whistle Blowing

When any employee has a concern about a serious matter or practice which is taking place at work they have a right to bring a whistleblowing complaint without the fear of recriminations for going down this route.

We can advise employees who find themselves in that situation or we can advise employers what they can and coan’t do whenever a complaint of whistleblowing is brought to light.

Employees pursuing complaints on grounds of whistleblowing have certain protected rights so as to encourage them to raise issues which may be in the public interest. This might include a situation where the employer is directly or indirectly engaging in a practice which is illegal or damaging to people’s health or the environment by way of example.

Employees cannot be victimised for raising these issues so long as they do so in accordance with an appropriate procedure. We can advise employees on how to do this or we can advise employers how best to respond. Please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.